The reliability and performance of our vessels is based on the holistic understanding of requirements and continuous exchange with the customer within the design phase. With our centralised in-house competence we develop state-of-the-art naval platforms including accredited international standards. Furthermore, we adapt innovations in order to provide flexibility for future scenarios.

Lürssen designs, builds and supports naval ship systems of the highest quality as a prime contractor. Our responsibility is focused on the integration of all systems on board, reaching from Command and Control, Weapons and Sensors, Propulsion and Engine Systems and Control, Electrical Systems and Ships Service Systems, in order to ensure their interaction and operation. This guarantees that the ship works as a complete integrated system.

We also ensure seamless integration with existing fleets and a systematic coordination with other assets at sea, in the air and on the ground during joint and combined operations.

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The OPV features medium-calibre guns against sea targets and for land firing support.
A spacious flight deck can deploy an UAS and/or helicopters weighing up to 11 tons. OPV 85 and OPV 90 provides a fixed hangar for a second helicopter or for equipment with UAS.
A 3D search radar could scan the environment for potential threats.
Without stopping the mother ship up to four RHIBs can be deployed and retrieved via a stern ramp – for an flexible agility in every scenario.